Sex Offenders Are Sicko Perverts – Unless They’re In YOUR Family

Girl wearing Slut sweater

Sex Rap Recap was created to shine a spotlight on the various knee-jerk reactions, uninformed attitudes and social stigmas regarding the legal abuse and unfair treatment in our society regarding the topic of sex – especially focused on a spectrum ranging from sex shaming, improper incarceration and lack of accountability with regards to arcane laws, non-consenting adults, and inappropriate behavior – and that goes for EVERYONE.

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The Police Officer That Won’t Be Registered As A Sex Offender – Even Though He Habitually Showed His Penis During Traffic Stops.

Officer Jason Miller

Looks Like Sex Offender Laws Don’t Apply To Everyone. Although you might call him “Miller The Zipper” or “Officer Scrotum” – you won’t be calling him a “Registered Sex Offender.” Even though his own dashcam shows him zipping his pants during routine traffic stops (and there’s essentially no debate that Officer Jason Miller of Sussex County New Jersey showed his penis […]

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Ex-Girlfriends And Their Lawyers Are Getting Medieval On Revenge Porn


Pop Quiz: What’s The Appeal Of Revenge Porn? A) Getting even with an ex-girlfriend that hurt your feelings. B) Cyberbullying and Cyberstalking. C) Masturbating to images and videos of actual girls that you’d like to bang. D) Reaffirmation that the nice girl next door gets super dirty in bed in all the ways she will never admit to anyone publicly. […]

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The Days Of The Mile High Club Sex Fantasy May Be Numbered

tsa groping

During your next arraignment, will the “TSA groped my client” defense hold up in court against your in-flight masturbation? Question: Does flying make people horny? I must’ve been in high school or college when I first heard of people getting busy in an aircraft lavatory. So the next time I was on a flight, I thought about it some more. […]

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