Payback Is A Bitch, Stone Throwers!

Nancy Grace Shame Monster

“Has anyone else in the media done as much damage to society as Nancy Grace?”

Nancy Grace is being sued for slander and defamation of character: READ IT AND WEEP. If society loves to see people fail, then Nancy Grace could be the spoke person for our nation. And yet, he who casts the first stone shall be subjects of their own destruction – right Nancy? “The Devil Is Certainly Dancing Tonight.” On your head, Nancy.

Alyssa Funke screen shot

Alyssa Funke committed suicide – most likely because she could no longer take the cyber-bullying and shaming garbage targeting her daily. WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THIS STORY. And then ask yourself, and all the rest of the Nancy Gracers out there – what are you doing different with respect to Molly Shattuck. Are you hoping she buys a shotgun and finished off the job for you? And it’s fascinating that some of her biggest haters are the ones that watched the porn video in its entirety. Any cheating housewives out there hoping they don’t get noticed? Remember: If you have lust in your heart, then you have already committed the sin – Matthew 5:28.


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