Fifty Shades Of Creepy Biden Photo Album Smells Like To Catch A Predator

Joe Biden sniff wife hair

“Fifty Shades Of Biden?” So…What Is A “Sexual Predator?” To begin with, a “Sex Offender” is simply defined as “a person who has committed a sex crime,” or in some instances, found guilty of public urination, “mooning,” and “flashing.” OK, so maybe by definition he’s not a “sex offender,” right? And since Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s wife isn’t supervised by Joe Biden […]

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Fifty Shades Of America What Is Porn

britney spears lingerie

Fifty Shades Of America: What Is “Pornography?” Today’s Question: What Is “Porn?” – Tomorrow’s Question: What Is A “Child?” You think I’m kidding? You think that’s sick?! Frankly, if you don’t start asking yourself those two atom-splitting questions, you can expect great shock and awe coming to TV set near you. Because every high school teenage guy (sorry “male boy child”) […]

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Warren Sapp Hires Prostitute Argues Bill Arrested And Accused Of Assault


Next Men’s Viral Ad “Dear Esteemed ‘Escort’ Customers: Are You Tired Of Getting ‘Warren-Sapped?’” AND Fired By The NFL Network! Lesson Here: Next Time, Tip The Prostitute +20% And Don’t Call Her A Prostitute Until She Leaves The Premises! Why is it front page news when a man with cash looking for immediate sex engages in a business transaction with […]

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Perverts Sex Addicts Exhibitionists In Libraries Theaters TV Studios Unite!

Kendra Sunderland USO Library Masturbation

19-Year-Old, Former Oregon State University Student Kendra Sunderland Arrested For Recording 30+ Minute Sexually Explicit Live Webcam Performance In OSU Library Without warning, but with great expectation, the lens of a laptop webcam displays a medium shot of Kendra Sunderland, perched excitedly in a skin-tight, flesh-colored, camisole tank top revealing plenty of cleavage – the fabric stretched thin – barely […]

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