Adam Johnson – Professional Footballer – Sex With Teen Girl

+ SIDEBAR -> MUST READ TWITTER FEED SRR MAY 2016  “The Case of Adam Johnson (a.k.a. Give Me a Fucking Break)” Step One, Read This Article: [ ] Step Two, Check Your Pulse. The trial of Adam Johnson is not your standard open and shut case of a typical creepy old man grooming a naive prepubescent child who was violently lead down the […]

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Hello. My Name Is Dennis Hastert. And I’m A Registered Sex Offender, Too!

I would bet a million dollars that Dennis Hastert will never reoffend – but the Sex Offender Registry is not about helping the community. It’s about Revenge Porn. It’s about Sexual Moral Authority. It’s about assholes like Dennis Hastert that say Righteous Shit about Homosexuals and Sexual Deviants, while secretly being Jerry Sandusky’s doppleganger and evil twin. Yes, Dennis Hastert […]

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