Fifty Shades Dorm Yoga Sex Scandal Masturbating Library Girl Lies 8th Grade Sex Offender Movie Review

masturbating in lilbrary sunderland

Fifty Shades Of Dorm Room Days With Fifty Shades Of Yoga, What Once Was Teachers Getting Laid Is Now The Sex Rap Polka. Surely by now you must have all heard about the “Bikram Yoga Sex Scandal.” It’s not only the latest craze – but the pounds literally just come right off! (And if you are living under a rock […]

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Fifty Shades Of America What Is Porn

britney spears lingerie

Fifty Shades Of America: What Is “Pornography?” Today’s Question: What Is “Porn?” – Tomorrow’s Question: What Is A “Child?” You think I’m kidding? You think that’s sick?! Frankly, if you don’t start asking yourself those two atom-splitting questions, you can expect great shock and awe coming to TV set near you. Because every high school teenage guy (sorry “male boy child”) […]

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Hollywood Is Coming Back With Sex And Lust This Year

fifty shades of grey playroom

Box Office Sex Hoping To Fill Seats In 2015 “The Bronze” Has The Sundance Film Festival Doing The Splitz! Good Vibrations are going to keep on coming, even after “Fifty Shades Of Grey” exits theatres this Spring. This is good news for red-blooded Americans that actually enjoy having sex, watching sex, talking about sex, and trying new sexual positions. And in […]

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We Love Using Negative Sex Scandals To Define Our Stiff Competition

Joe Morrissey Inmate Detail

Everybody Knows A Label Makes A Person: From “State Delegate,” to “Convicted Felon”, to future “Representative Sex Offender?” Good Deal. And throw in “Pedophile” while you’re at it. I mean, it’s an incorrect use of the word, but who cares? Child Molester, Pedophile, Axe Murderer, Sociopath. These terms get tossed around daily in website commentary and at kids birthday parties […]

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“And The Hot For Teacher MILF Of The Year Award Goes To…”

Brianna Altice Sex Ed

Breaking News! Teenagers Admit To Having Sex With Brianne Altice And People Still Thinks Of It As Rape Are there really still parents that don’t believe their own teenagers are trying to have sex with the teachers? The answer is: YES. The only good news regarding the truth about Bill Cosby being a rapist for several decades is that now […]

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2014: The Year Of “…Who The #$*! Did You Say Is A Rapist?!”

If all rape is simply rape, then how many Americans are simply rapists? The best part of The Story about Lucita Sandoval having Sex with a Student is that you can Google search and watch the video on the internet of her actually having sex with the student (damn, if only this story were true!) So here’s a New Rule […]

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