We Love Using Negative Sex Scandals To Define Our Stiff Competition

Joe Morrissey Inmate Detail

Everybody Knows A Label Makes A Person:

From “State Delegate,” to “Convicted Felon”, to future “Representative Sex Offender?”

Joe Morrissey Inmate Detail

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Good Deal. And throw in “Pedophile” while you’re at it. I mean, it’s an incorrect use of the word, but who cares? Child Molester, Pedophile, Axe Murderer, Sociopath. These terms get tossed around daily in website commentary and at kids birthday parties all time. You’ve heard it too, right? Some “hoity-toity, do-gooder” lady that works as a night shift manager at a bank is on the clock typing up a five paragraph response about all the sicko deviant sex maniacs that should be locked up. Meanwhile, she’s got two copies of “Fifty Shades of Grey” in her car and she wacks it in her closet with a silver-studded, black leather dildo that would make the lead singer of “Judas Priest” jealous. Oh, you didn’t know that about her? Yeah, she’s a real freak under her bosses desk…

flirting at work

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The fact is, Virginia lawmaker and general assemblyman Joe Morrissey’s sex scandal with a younger member of his staff got him in a lot of scalding hot water, just like so many teachers that get sexually involved with their students. And in Joe’s case, not only does the teenage girl in question say “nothing happened,” but the truth is it really is her fault that he went to jail because she led him to believe that she was over 18! AND she sexted him. AND she had consensual sex with him. AND they are still in touch with each other! But, yes, even though she is now over 18, he’s in jail with deputies trying to cut his nuts off, and I guess she’s telling her dad that it was just his hair gel. So, I hope the lady at the bank gets the full story – but she won’t. Since he’s a “pedophile,” right? Oh, AND, the people of Virginia just voted him into office and he had to go check himself back into jail after he cast is vote on election day. Hell yeah, Joe. You rock that muthafucka.

Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Roberts – So What’s The Real Story?

victoria roberts diary image 4

(source: Google Images “virginia roberts diary”)

Speaking of Virginia, most news media outlets would very much like for everyone to believe (by the way, note to the writer, he’s not a “pedophile” – he’s an “ephebophile“) that once again evil men like Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz should all be locked up and labelled and persecuted and shamed and killed – is that correct?

victoria roberts diary image 7

(source: Google Images “virginia roberts diary”)

But these naughty little notes were written, in her diary, in her own hand writing, by Virginia Roberts, where she describes her well-planned out interactions, with such desirable and rich older men. These are not the cries and objections of a girl being raped – but of a young woman talking specifically and casually about undressing and engaging in sex on purpose FOR MONEY, and it seems to have been her historical and well-documented custom. AND, she’s described how she had been enlisting other girls to join the business. So if you want to play the label game, she was complicit, she is a pimp and she is a prostitute. AND a minor. Isn’t it bizarre how she was able to be coerced time again to take flights to some of the most desired tropical vacation destinations? How do you like those apples?

sarah o neill teacher milf

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Are We Some Day Going To Get A Grip On This ‘Hot For Teacher’ Syndrome?

Sarah O’ Neill is the latest teacher to get caught fucking one of her students. But it does sound like they “love” each other. Okay, it’s not good, but it’s happening a lot. Is she a “pedophile?” By definition, she is not. Is she a “sick monster?” Well, if the boy is in “love” with her, she is probably “not Jeffrey Daumer.” Should she continue grading his tests? Probably not. But a little more private tutoring for extra credit may be in order.

sex offender sign

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But There Are Limits! Blowing Your 12 Year Old Son’s Friend In Your Basement Is Not “OK.”

A Missouri Mom has been arrested for giving oral sex and having intercourse with her TWELVE YEAR OLD son’s friend. This story makes the pending “Trial of Molly Shattuck” look dull. And yet, it was consensual! Will this be the new trend next year? How young do these horny MILFs go? For a hunting cougar, when is the cub too small? Now what do we do?!

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