Fifty Shades Of Grey: Shaming And Double Standards

fifty shades of grey is porn

“Fifty Shades of Grey” Film Release Valentine’s Day 2015 – No Need For Advocacy Groups To Shame Women Into Believing They Can’t Enjoy Their Porn On The Big Screen


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Victoria’s Secret Celebrates Release of New “50 Shades Of Grey” Lingerie

Whenever a political organization wants to deny and change human behavior, they create propaganda by conducting a “study” to declare the grave immorality taking place in common society.

As such, a Michigan State University study has concluded that “women who have read the erotic best-seller are more likely to make poor choices.” ‘Reefer Madness,’ anybody?

The fact is, women and men both want sex and porn. And the ages of the producers and the consumer are getting older and younger. And the locations of their production and consumption are getting riskier. Welcome to a new era of sex.

Fifty Shades of Giada

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Nothing goes better on Ricotta than Fifty Shades of Giada

Giada De Laurentiis is estranged from her husband of 11 years of marriage. So of course it’s time to get all “Anastasia Steele” with guys like John Mayer (who by the way makes the perfect Christian Grey because he’s secretly wanted by women that publicly say they hate him) and Matt Lauer (whose already been accused of cheating so he’s no stranger to the thrill of the extramarital). And don’t forget Bobby Flay, who knows how to prepare a primo cut so it has just the right amount of pink. The question is: how many times had Giada previously wanted to taste the forbidden fruit? Or shall we all now wonder, “who played a better Christian Grey?”


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“Miss you and all that goes with it. Especially my favorite tastes and colors … pink and brown.”

You gotta hand it to Steve Kroft (and we were just talking about that!) – those two colors go really well together. C’mon, it’s exotic. It’s full of sin. It’s exactly what ladies want for Valentine’s Day. This is what “Fifty Shades of Gossip” is supposed to be. Especially if he starts the evening by saying something kinky about the next “60 Minutes…”

He lays her down on her desk, gently, and whispers something about how Molly Shattuck is now headed to a jury trial in March because she continued to plead not guilty at her hearing in January. He forcefully places the “Anastasia Steele” eye mask over her head, grabs her heels, and reminds her that they get busy in even crazier places than Molly Shattuck and her curious, young lover did. She gasps in wonderment, “which will be more thrilling to their own sex life: the ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ premiere, or daily devouring the juicy details of ‘The Public Trial of Molly Shattuck?'” She can’t wait for either! Oh, Steve, you animal!!!


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But here’s your real villian! Surfer dudes and horny jocks should not have to take this kind of sexual harassment! I mean just look at that evil toned body. Everyone in our society knows that NOBODY lusts after cheerleaders, so why does she do this?!

No young, horny, chubby-popping guys should have to bare the insults of her delicious, white, creamy cougar skin, or her over-excited smile and tossing blonde hair, as she dreams of crawling her hands all over a young hunk as the waves wash the beach across her tingling feet.

Ewww! This is disgusting! Right, ladies….? And don’t forget. “Fifty Shades Of Grey” is coming out on Valentine’s Day – just for you!

fifty shades of grey is porn

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