Ladies And Gentlemen: You Must Review “Age Of Consent” Before Reporting For Jury Duty. There’s Still Time For You To Grow Up.

Kylie Jenner Turns 18

“Age Of Consent” Akin To “Common Sense” And “Civil Rights”

RIGHT NOW YOU MUST GOOGLE “Age Of Consent” PLEASE CLICK HERE. YOU WILL FIND “14-18 Years Old.” And that’s just in the last hundred years. But if you want to conveniently chop history off at 1850, then our beloved constitution is also out the window of irrelevance. You cannot have it both ways.

But that is precisely what’s happening in our court rooms today. And keep in mind – even Khloe Kardashian just admitted “AT [AGE] 16, I WAS FUCKING SOMEONE IN THEIR 20s!:” Khloe Kardashian defends teen sister Kylie Jenner’s relationship with rapper Tyga, 25 – So…was she molested as a child?!

And why does a reasonably good looking English teacher that was banging her students get 22 years in prison? Can anyone explain that? “TEACHER GETS 22 YEARS” – READ MORE

It is true… she shouldn’t be sexting her students. And they should not be sexting her back. AND THEY SHOULDN’T BE VOLUNTARILY FUCKING THEIR TEACHER – NOW SHOULD THEY MOM AND DAD?!

And why did a couple HAVING SEX ON THE BEACH GET SENTENCED TO 25 YEARS IN PRISON? Because “a 3 Year Old” MIGHT have seen them? Wow. 10,000 victims…?

But wait: “Is Sofia Mechetner, Age 14, Too Young to Model for Christian Dior?”

As the articles states, “Look closely and you can see a pair of nude boy-shorts beneath the sheer gown and the Israeli teen’s jewel-like, salmon-pink nipples.”

Fuck that if I’m going to post her photo up here. Some “asshole” (nudge nudge wink wink) will try to get me on uploading child porn charges. See for yourself, Chris Hansen: Sofia Mechetner, Age 14, A Model for Christian Dior!

To Catch A Predator

( Source: Google Images “To Catch A Predator” )

So why the persistent “sex predator witch hunt with tentacles?”

Can’t anybody accept that sometimes teenagers, even students, really do want to have sexual contact?

Why does an argument always have to be framed that a “child” was “taken advantage of?”

You’ve got girls masturbating in libraries nationwide, and heaven forbid one of their professors actually gives them the orgasm their dying to broadcast.

How are you not getting this?

What happens when your daughter says…”Age Is Just A Number”

Remember Khloe Kardashian: ‘At 16, I was f**king someone in their 20s’: Khloe Kardashian defends teen sister Kylie Jenner’s relationship with rapper Tyga, 25 and Sofia Mechetner, AGE 14… Professional Runway Model for Christian Dior?

And What About All Those Poor Young Horny High School Guys?!


( source: Google Images “Nicole Dufualt” )


The Case Of Nicole L Dufault

OK – So if the law is going to be ridiculous, then the legal defense should be as well. That’s why they went with some form of “insanity – slash depression – slash life sucks in general” defense.

[ READ MORE About How Nicole Dufault’s Attorney Beat The System At It’s Own Game]

gym teacher

( source: Google Images “gym teacher selfie” )

Sure, it’s not appropriate, but should she go to jail? And it certainly wasn’t rape because this CATHOLIC SCHOOL COACH HAD SEX WITH A STUDENT FOR YEARS! Hail Mary!!!

But if you’re looking for the craziest sex scandal on the internet right now, then look no further. Lord Sewell of The House of Lords in British Parliament has an actual video on the internet of him snorting cocaine off a prostitute. Now that… is entertainment. ( And consensual ).

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