Hollywood Is Coming Back With Sex And Lust This Year

fifty shades of grey playroom

Box Office Sex Hoping To Fill Seats In 2015

sexy gymnast

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“The Bronze” Has The Sundance Film Festival Doing The Splitz!

Good Vibrations are going to keep on coming, even after “Fifty Shades Of Grey” exits theatres this Spring. This is good news for red-blooded Americans that actually enjoy having sex, watching sex, talking about sex, and trying new sexual positions. And in “The Bronze,” word is that a gymnast gets totally freaky on screen like none have ever seen before.

And, hey, this movie is not just self serving. There are plenty of successful people looking to spice things up with swinging and advanced, mixed-coupling. Silicon Valley is always on the forward edge of progress.

Pants Hole Fashion

(source: TheGuardian.com “Penises on the fashion catwalk”

For Years, I’ve Been Saying “Nut-Sack Pants” Are ‘Next!’

The fashion world gets away with a lot more than you or I can wear in a grocery store – so the question is: “Why would they design clothes you can’t actually wear in public – and without breaking decency and disturbance laws?” The answer: This is the stuff you wear at night clubs while trying to pick up other guy’s swinging wives (or maybe girls like Virginia Roberts…)

Royal Orgy

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Q: So how many rich guys does it take to keep 10 gold digging “sex slaves” in a bed at one time? A: 1

Yes, everybody likes sex, especially if you end up with MORE money afterward, right? Stop with the shock, and the awe, and the “oh, my” crap. Everybody likes kinky sex, and you know better (especially you “Fifty Shades Of Grey” groupies!) Younger women fuck older men for money all over the world. Younger men fuck older women for fun – basically anywhere you can find women shopping. Get used to it. It’s been happening since cave men could spell MILF. But go ahead and read “‘Sex Slave’: I Was Forced Into an Orgy With Prince Andrew” and pile on with the rest of the growing social orgy of ignorant commentators (sorry, did I word that OK for you?)

“TV Show” Wheels Out 3 Dopes To Manipulate “The Truth” About Molly Shattuck – Don’t Buy Into It!

Hey, I’ve got a question, Don. If Roger Canaff is just some random overly-religious nut job, and Mel Robbins (not Mel Gibbons) is a self-proclaimed “celebrity interviewer,” and “doctor” Dr. Drew is perceived as an “abject phony-baloney” by up-to two thirds of all people that have heard him talk (including me), then what kind of “crap” is CNN trying to pull by forcing viewers to believe this is somehow a panel of experts on ANY topic, let alone “sexual abuse.” Did Nancy Grace put you up to this?

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