The One Thing That Unites Us All Is Our Burning Desire For A Bad Romance

Sex Offender Halloween

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Dennis Hastert: Former House Speaker Paid Hush Money To Hide Sexual Misconduct

Jared Fogel: Actually A Pedophile And Actual Child Molester Of Actual Young Children

Lamar Odom: Might Be The Next Tiger Woods (aka “typical man”)

In-Flight Masturbation & Groping: Close Priximity + Sexual Arousal / Boredom = Risky Behavior

Men Paying Girls For Sex Are Pigs, But The Same Girls Paying For College Are Stunning Heroes

BREAKING NEWS! Most People Don’t Know Jack Shit About Sex Offenders

Sex Offender Halloween

(Google Images: “Sex Offender Halloween“)

Pop Quiz! Which Crime Puts You On The List With Violent Child Molesters?

A) Urinating Outside At A College Block Party
B) Exposing Yourself In A Movie Theater
C) Sexting A Nude Image To A High School Senior
D) Video Recording A Toddler Going To The Bathroom
E) Raping And Killing An Infant


“Requiring sex offenders to post signs outside their homes is state-sponsored discrimination.” Which basically drops the self motivation to rehabilitate (change behavior and attitudes) to ZERO. Because if you can’t get a job, can’t live anywhere, can’t feel normal, and everyone assumes you’re a Violent Child Molester, then why bother re-integrating with society? And the whole “you should have thought of that before you (fill in the blank)” shaming mentality simply makes the problem worse. So guess who can’t wait until one of your family members ends up on that list? And now for the news…

SHE Faces Prison! (How Do You Like Your Apples Now?)

Such a great video! What guts it took to set up the phone and hit record! Allah Akbar, she’s finally ready to break free from her ‘Sex Dungeon’ life-style! (Remind me again why American girls join ISIS?)

Everybody knows that most people think the whole ‘Middle Eastern Men Treating Middle Eastern Women Like Dogs’ bit should have run its course some time back in the eighties. And this Middle Eastern house wife is thinking the same thing. Unfortunately, she’s still living in a country with some really stupid sex laws. Read More about Saudi Housewife Behind Bars For Posting Cheating Video Of Her Husband.

So, yes, we all realize that if you’re a Saudi Arabian Prince in Los Angeles, then you’re also probably the Owner Of A Speeding Ferrari In Beverly Hills. And yes, you’re probably someone the Police Refuse To Arrest For Beating And Raping Women. But my god, did you really Order The Entire Staff to Strip Naked In Your Beverly Hills Mansion? Maybe it’s about time we ‘Rock The Casbah…’ (But will that upset our richest creditors? – oh, what to do!)

Drone Boning

(Google Images: “Drone Boning“)

Drone Porn: Invasive? Or Simply Catching More Sex Offenders?

In the world of better video cameras and improved shooting technologies, from Jib Arms to Dolly Track, Steadicam to GoPro – what’s better than a do-it-yourself, lower budget helicopter high angle shot? Professional football stadiums have benefited from Skycam for years. But now, with the dropping cost of miniature drone technology and cloudy FCC rulings on local aircraft regulations, you too can start casting your new ‘Drone Porn.’ And that’s what the genius creator of the short film “Drone Boning” has recently accomplished. Visit – Enjoy!

Thong Police

(Google Images: “Stupid Law“)

Teens Having Sex On Camera Is Not Kiddie Porn Distribution!

Thank you Ponderosa High School and your ridiculous ‘Keystone Cops’ for playing America’s Dumbest New Game Show…”Who Wants To Be A Registered Sex Offender?!” Looks like the Saudi Arabian house wife is not the only person living in a country with really stupid sex laws. And you’ve gotta read the part where the legalistic sheriff tells the journalist how much these kids deserve what they get. Praise Jesus, you tell ’em, John! Read About Teens Facing Lifetime Consequences For Sex Tape.

Let’s be clear, folks. Two teenagers fooling around naked on camera and sharing it with each other is not kiddie porn distribution. Just because you believe ‘Age Magic’ happens at 18 doesn’t make you a moral authority. And thank you law enforcement for making these teenagers feel like dirty criminals for the rest of their lives. (Pretty sure you need to apologize for that.)

Public Enemy #1: Living The Rock-N-Roll Lifestyle.

Matthew Tivy Porn Swap

(Google Images: “Matthew Tivy Porn Swap“)

Matthew Tivy: Just Famous Enough To Be Worth The Media Gang Bang

Now that we’ve discussed Saudi Arabian Sex Crimes, What Isn’t Kiddie Porn distribution, and the total confusion of What Makes A Sex Offender, let’s discuss: Matthew Tivy. He’s a chef (which makes him a celebrity to a lot of people), he clearly likes gay sex (which means he can get laid virtually all the time), and if we read the many new articles about him, we can also infer that a lot of young, gay men loved to hang around with this guy – so the proposed idea that he preyed on defenseless young males is not only misleading, but also the typical type of twisted argument being propagated by the nosy goody-goods that would have you believe that there are more sex offenders hiding out in your garbage disposal.

If we ever stand the chance of regaining any sanity on this topic, we must use our brains and ask ourselves: “Who voluntarily met whom? Who removed their clothing on purpose? Who consensually performed what sex acts? Was anybody other than ME offended?” Because if it’s just you having the problem, then ask yourself, “How old was I the first time I had voluntarily had sexual contact?” But go ahead – read the articles – and comment about what a Satan-worshipper Matthew Tivy now is:


(Google Images: “Sex Dungeon“)

If You Find A ‘Sex Dungeon’ Craigslist Ad, You Should Probably Skip It Next Time, Anastasia.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” the movie has grossed over $500 million worldwide. So don’t act like you can’t believe anybody would ever want to join a sex dungeon. Just stop it already. Nobody is buying your Ponderosa High School goody two shoes act anymore.

However (the real problem) is that Christian Grey isn’t exactly the guy you will meet at the hardware store buying the duct tape. You are much more likely to meet a scary and abusive num-nuts caught up in a temporary, drug-induced fabrication of a submissive/dominant horse-shit (ISIS) lifestyle. Read About The Marine On Trial For The Sex Dungeon Murder.  

Obviously, I’m all in favor of sexual freedom, and if somebody wants to agree to live in a cage getting their ass turned beat red with a wooden fraternity paddle – then, by all means! I just don’t think there really are any people left that want to voluntarily life that way. Which I’m guessing is why you might want to read about how the FBI Uncovered A Sex Dungeon Slave Ring. Laters, baby.

#1 Cause Of Insanity? NOT GETTING LAID.

If you think Elliot Rodger is just another psychopath, then you have to read his manifesto.


For if we watch his chilling “Day of Retribution” video, and read portions of his manifesto, we realize a few things:

  1. He blames everyone else for his lack of sexual activity.
  2. He believes he is entitled to have sex with whoever he wants.
  3. He hates everyone for having the sex and fun he is not having.
  4. He has never felt accepted and is ready to KILL.

Ladies and Gentlemen, maybe more than we need a ‘Anyone Whose Ever Engaged In Any Form Of Public Nudity’ offender list is a ‘Anyone Whose Willing To Die Or Kill For NOT Having Sex’ potential maniac list. Shouldn’t KILLING be a bigger priority than blow jobs we don’t all agree on? Here’s a video by somebody that might understand the difference: Sargon Of Akkad Demonstrates What Elliot Rodger Was Trying To Talk Us About


(Google Images: “Justin Ross Harris All Men Suck“)

Justin Ross Harris Sexting At Work While His Own Son Dies In A Hot Car

This story sucks no matter how you slice it. But for the true ‘Ponderosa High School goody-goods’ and the ‘Matthew Tivy lynch mob,’ it probably serves as a prime example of why all porn should be illegal, how the sin of sexting results in the wages of death, and how ultimately all evil men are secret Elliot Rodger sicko assholes.


Or maybe it is better to go ‘Tiger Woods’ or ‘Lamar Odom’ or ‘Matthew Tivy,’ than to go ‘Elliot Rodger’ or ‘Justin Ross Harris’ or ‘Sex Dungeon Marine?’ Does anybody else see that? Maybe if we would help each other ‘Be Understood’ and ‘Get Laid,’ we could actually start to ‘Get Along?’ And maybe if your wife knew you were secretly gay, she wouldn’t be trying to have sex with your son’s best friend by your swimming pool while you’re away on ‘business.’

Sex Rap Conclusion

Everybody needs Love, Intimacy AND Sex. Your neighbors, your coworkers, your boss, your spouse and even your teenage kids. And if YOU can’t recognize that, then YOU are part of the problem.

Yes, it’s super fun to call people ‘losers’ and ‘fags’ and ‘perverts’ and ‘sex offenders.’ And we all know that’s not REAL bullying right, because it’s totally accepted on news outlets and at kid’s birthday parties. Hell, you’re okay, I’m okay, and God’s totally cool with that, bro.

So if you would rather read about what deviants everyone else is, while dreaming of masturbating with Christian Grey, go right ahead. But when you’re old and lonely and half of America is on a sex offender list, don’t tell me I didn’t try to spell it all out for you.

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