Hello. My Name Is Dennis Hastert. And I’m A Registered Sex Offender, Too!

I would bet a million dollars that Dennis Hastert will never reoffend – but the Sex Offender Registry is not about helping the community. It’s about Revenge Porn. It’s about Sexual Moral Authority. It’s about assholes like Dennis Hastert that say Righteous Shit about Homosexuals and Sexual Deviants, while secretly being Jerry Sandusky’s doppleganger and evil twin. Yes, Dennis Hastert […]

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Sex Offenders Are Sicko Perverts – Unless They’re In YOUR Family

Girl wearing Slut sweater

Sex Rap Recap was created to shine a spotlight on the various knee-jerk reactions, uninformed attitudes and social stigmas regarding the legal abuse and unfair treatment in our society regarding the topic of sex – especially focused on a spectrum ranging from sex shaming, improper incarceration and lack of accountability with regards to arcane laws, non-consenting adults, and inappropriate behavior – and that goes for EVERYONE.

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