More From Baltimore’s Molly Shattuck: Her Arrest, Bail, & Divorce

Now that everybody’s taken their best shot at her (and I mean globally), is it possible to talk about the facts? Here is a copy of her indictment and list of charges: Molly-Shattuck-Indictment-List-Of-Charges-November-2014 According to this list, the first 2 felony counts of Rape Third Degree are that she “put her mouth on his penis” TWICE. And because he was […]

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Molly Shattuck: A Teenage Boy’s Wet Dream Becomes A Horny MILF’s Worst Nightmare

It’s The Case Of Molly Shattuck: The 47 year-old, sexy, blonde, Cougar, MILF, wife, self-driven, published, successful, mature, former NFL-cheerleader, stay-at-home mother of three, who has just been indicted for the alleged and repeated “RAPE” of a 15 year-old male “victim,” who went to her son’s school, who may have been partly responsible for their secret wild fantasy fling, and with […]

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What Is “Sex Rap Recap”?

SRR: Hi. Welcome to “Sex Rap Recap” – offering a real point of view about sex in the news. YOU: Why? I already saw that story. That guy’s a pervert. He should be locked away for 10 years. Ok, well not that guy, but maybe this guy. Or this guy. Well, definitely these women… Say, why are these teachers facing prison, […]

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