More From Baltimore’s Molly Shattuck: Her Arrest, Bail, & Divorce

More Baltimore Molly Shattuck: Arrest, Bail, Divorce - Too Much Vibrant Living?

“Can One Have TOO MUCH ‘Vibrant Living?'”

Now that everybody’s taken their best shot at her (and I mean globally), is it possible to talk about the facts? Here is a copy of her indictment and list of charges:


According to this list, the first 2 felony counts of Rape Third Degree are that she “put her mouth on his penisTWICE. And because he was under 16 and she is more than 10 years older, that’s why they can nail her for it. Also, another 4 felony counts of Unlawful Sexual Conduct Second Degree are because she “did intentionally have sexual conduct with [the victim]…by touching his penis…by causing or allowing [the victim] to touch her breast with his mouth…to touch her vagina with his hand…to touch her vagina with his penis.” And the last 3 misdemeanor counts are because she provided alcohol to minors, which will increase her jail time, adds to her profile of careless neglect, and helps paint a picture of grooming, coercion and textbook molestation.

So if you do the math, she did 3 things to him and he did 3 things to her. In regular dorm life, that sounds pretty even. Of course, when you subtract his age from hers…now that’s extremely difficult to understand. But this is not classic molestation or rape. This is not “Bill Cosby Rape,” this is not “Ray Rice Violence,” and this is not “Jerry Sandusky Molestation.” We’ve got to be able to know the difference. The question is…did the judge? Why was her bail only set at $84,000? Her husband at the time was estimated to be a multi-millionaire. Jerry Sandusky’s bail was $250,000 and it doesn’t sound like he had access to anywhere near the money she did. How long was she actually in handcuffs? Given that list of felony charges, if she were a man, and the victim was a female, you can bet the bail would have made one hell of a statement. In this case, it was about as difficult to come up with as a Sexy Cheerleader Costume.


“Is Molly doing the ‘Hot MILF Labor Day’ cheer?”

  • Women Are Outraged – and saying: “Gross! Yuck! I can’t imagine sex with a child my son’s age. That is disgusting! Shame on her and throw away the key!”
  • Men Are Confused – and saying: “Where were the women like her when I was 15? I wanted to bang my teacher and I masturbated to my mom’s hot friend all the time.”

…while you ponder that, here’s the new ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Movie Trailer – marketed as the “New Steamy Version” and not appropriate for work! Being released on Valentine’s Day! (whose holiday is that for, fellas?)

Just a second…

Isn’t this the age of the MILF? And teachers having sex with their students? And horny mom’s blowing younger men? And barely legal boys hunting for MILF?

Aren’t there literally thousands of horny moms privately finger-banging themselves to wild fantasies of the boys in “One Direction?” Oh, no? Well, crap! The music industry’s gonna be pissed when they find this out.

“Magic Mike” is the tender story of a male stripper in his late teens and the movie has grossed nearly $200 million box office. Are you trying to say it’s because he was over 18, and NOT 17. Right, if he had only been 17 and 364 days, of course nobody would have watched! What kind of freaky sicko are you?!

And just how many moms where hot for Slater in ‘Saved By The Bell?” Or Zac Efron in “Highschool Musical?” How about the whole ‘Robert Pattinson vs. Taylor Lautner’ controversy. Surely it was only teenage girls having that problem.

And why does Shia Le Bouf look like he’s making TV anchorwomen uncomfortable moist in their chairs, as they giggle and kick their legs his direction? I don’t think they act like that normally.

And maybe it’s just a bunch of malarkey that Justin Timberlake draws hordes of tipsy cougars internationally – dying for the chance to get backstage and show him who’s bringing ‘Sexy Back.’

‘I recently read that the fastest growing segment of the porn market is those sites that cater to the “cougar” or  “milf” myth. I say myth not because cougars and milf don’t exist – they do – but the websites mislead young men into thinking that all they need bring to the table is their youth.’ –


“We all agree…this photo is weird.”

Did Molly ever see this?

So What is a “Cougar”

Can’t you see Molly watching this more than once?

A lot of men are just fine with “Cougars” and like it, but there are many people that think of them as “Sexual Predators.” This will be a ongoing debate.

False people socially engineer (i.e. “LIE”) about themselves every day – and the mainstream media caters to them by serving up the fresh blood of a new kill. So for now, we are going to ingore that stuff. Here’s a list of sites that are at least trying to be real: – A Factual Account Of The Molly Shattuck Case So Far – ‘From Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader To Mrs. Robinson’ – ‘Molly Shattuck made her son text her victim: ‘She’s obsessed with you.’ – ‘Ex NFL Cheerleader Palm Palms 15-Year Old Boy’

Brobible: ‘Set Up With Him By Her Teenage Son’

People: ‘Friend Reacts To The Molly Shattuck Sex Scandal: It Really Boggles The Mind’

WizBangBlog: ‘A Busy Mom Makes History’ – ‘Why Do We Assume A Hot Cheerleader Can’t Be A Sexual Abuser?’ Molly Shattuck

Baltimore Brew – ‘Shattuck Case Puts Spotlight On Rarely Prosecuted Crime’

Fairfax Underground

“The Unsinkable Molly” in Baltimore Magazine – Molly Shattuck thread – Molly Shattuck thread

EphBlog – ‘Mayo Shattuck and Wife #2’ – ‘A Real MILF and Teenage Love Story’ thread – ‘Damien and Lolita: Not So Sacrosanct Sanctity of “Childhood”‘ – [Cougars In Heat] Official MILFS Seeking Boys’ thread – Molly Shattuck ‘Society’s Child’

Facebook post by Washington Post – ‘A Baltimore Barbie who wanted to be forever young’ thread

Amazon – Video Game Forum becomes “Oh The Opportunities I Never Had As A Teenager’

Decision-Making-Confidence – The ‘Somatic Narcissist’

Is this why Molly thought there was no way any man could resist her?

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