The Days Of The Mile High Club Sex Fantasy May Be Numbered

tsa groping

During your next arraignment, will the “TSA groped my client” defense hold up in court against your in-flight masturbation? Question: Does flying make people horny? I must’ve been in high school or college when I first heard of people getting busy in an aircraft lavatory. So the next time I was on a flight, I thought about it some more. […]

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Fifty Shades Dorm Yoga Sex Scandal Masturbating Library Girl Lies 8th Grade Sex Offender Movie Review

masturbating in lilbrary sunderland

Fifty Shades Of Dorm Room Days With Fifty Shades Of Yoga, What Once Was Teachers Getting Laid Is Now The Sex Rap Polka. Surely by now you must have all heard about the “Bikram Yoga Sex Scandal.” It’s not only the latest craze – but the pounds literally just come right off! (And if you are living under a rock […]

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Fifty Shades Of Creepy Biden Photo Album Smells Like To Catch A Predator

Joe Biden sniff wife hair

“Fifty Shades Of Biden?” So…What Is A “Sexual Predator?” To begin with, a “Sex Offender” is simply defined as “a person who has committed a sex crime,” or in some instances, found guilty of public urination, “mooning,” and “flashing.” OK, so maybe by definition he’s not a “sex offender,” right? And since Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s wife isn’t supervised by Joe Biden […]

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Fifty Shades Of America What Is Porn

britney spears lingerie

Fifty Shades Of America: What Is “Pornography?” Today’s Question: What Is “Porn?” – Tomorrow’s Question: What Is A “Child?” You think I’m kidding? You think that’s sick?! Frankly, if you don’t start asking yourself those two atom-splitting questions, you can expect great shock and awe coming to TV set near you. Because every high school teenage guy (sorry “male boy child”) […]

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Warren Sapp Hires Prostitute Argues Bill Arrested And Accused Of Assault


Next Men’s Viral Ad “Dear Esteemed ‘Escort’ Customers: Are You Tired Of Getting ‘Warren-Sapped?’” AND Fired By The NFL Network! Lesson Here: Next Time, Tip The Prostitute +20% And Don’t Call Her A Prostitute Until She Leaves The Premises! Why is it front page news when a man with cash looking for immediate sex engages in a business transaction with […]

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Super Bowl Ads Not Just For Horny Dads

charlotte mckinney carls jr ad

Super Bowl Advertising Has A Long History Of Sex Go ahead. Google it: “Long History Of Sex In Super Bowl Advertising“ Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve witnessed plenty of blatantly commercialized sexual advertising where the sex appeal has nothing to do with the product. And maybe you thought it was shameless, and degrading, and so you quickly […]

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We Love Using Negative Sex Scandals To Define Our Stiff Competition

Joe Morrissey Inmate Detail

Everybody Knows A Label Makes A Person: From “State Delegate,” to “Convicted Felon”, to future “Representative Sex Offender?” Good Deal. And throw in “Pedophile” while you’re at it. I mean, it’s an incorrect use of the word, but who cares? Child Molester, Pedophile, Axe Murderer, Sociopath. These terms get tossed around daily in website commentary and at kids birthday parties […]

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2014: The Year Of “…Who The #$*! Did You Say Is A Rapist?!”

If all rape is simply rape, then how many Americans are simply rapists? The best part of The Story about Lucita Sandoval having Sex with a Student is that you can Google search and watch the video on the internet of her actually having sex with the student (damn, if only this story were true!) So here’s a New Rule […]

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