BREAKING NEWS! University Of Newcastle Girl Caught Performing Live Pay Per View Sex Show Via Web Cam From University Library

Girl Caught Masturbating In Library On Web Cam May Be The First Of Many Yet To ‘Come’


Not the girl – but finding images of “Girls Masturbating In Library” on Google is not hard.

Either an incredible coincidence – or we have a real nose for sniffing out the juicy stories! On Monday 11-17-14, published an article online with information about ‘Girls Masturbating In Libraries‘ and on Tuesday 11-18-14 a different girl (and student) was actually ‘Caught Performing Live Sex From University Library‘ – and it sounds as if she was actually shooting and uploading a live “solo sex performance” online at the time she was discovered. Can you imagine the disappointment of a Gold Show Interrupted!?

No word on whether she has been arrested or charged, but this female student is definitely being “counseled”. In fact, the Newcastle University Students’ Association president Clare Swan ‘said the incident highlighted the fact that students need more financial support.‘ Question: Is coming up with ridiculous excuses about extremely innovative ways of collecting cash really part of this university’s style of ‘counseling?’ Won’t horny guys still pay for live web cam sex even if it’s not actually happening live in the library?

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