Fifty Shades Of Grey: Shaming And Double Standards

fifty shades of grey is porn

“Fifty Shades of Grey” Film Release Valentine’s Day 2015 – No Need For Advocacy Groups To Shame Women Into Believing They Can’t Enjoy Their Porn On The Big Screen Victoria’s Secret Celebrates Release of New “50 Shades Of Grey” Lingerie Whenever a political organization wants to deny and change human behavior, they create propaganda by conducting a “study” to declare […]

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2014: The Year Of “…Who The #$*! Did You Say Is A Rapist?!”

If all rape is simply rape, then how many Americans are simply rapists? The best part of The Story about Lucita Sandoval having Sex with a Student is that you can Google search and watch the video on the internet of her actually having sex with the student (damn, if only this story were true!) So here’s a New Rule […]

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14 Men Sexually Exploiting Girls As Young As 13 – Actual Sex Offender Story!

ATTENTION PUBLIC: Here’s Another News Story About ACTUAL Sex Offenders. “14 men convicted in Britain of sexually exploiting girls as young as 13“   PLEASE STOP LOCKING UP HORNY TEACHERS. STOP BEING CONFUSED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT. THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN AND IT CAN’T GET UP. Sex Rap Recap Share Sex Rap Recap Now Follow Sex Rap Recap Now

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Attorney Charged For Having Sex With 14 Year Old Human Trafficking Victim

IF THE STORY IS TRUE… Philadelphia attorney had sex with 14-year-old girl in office, told victim he liked them young: DA …THEN THIS IS WHAT A SEX OFFENDER LOOKS LIKE. According to the allegations (important wording because he IS [ or was ] an attorney), this guy was a powerful attorney that preyed on young women for sex. NOW THAT WE […]

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Girls Flashing And Masturbating In Public Is Not A Problem – Just An Epidemic

Strip + Flash + Dance + Show * Public = Winning Live Web Cam Masturbation Combination In 2012, a girl named ‘Cameron Knight’ masturbated in NOT 1, BUT 2 campus libraries at Cornell University during regular hours of operation. She personally captured all of it on her web cam, and she created quite a splash (literally – on camera – […]

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